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Stelar’s range of instruments for Fast Field Cycling (FFC) NMR relaxometry are powerful tools designed to measure the field dependence of the NMR longitudinal spin-lattice relaxation time, T1.

Stelar is unique in offering these carefully crafted, highly-specialized research tools which can be configured to meet the needs of the researcher based on:

Stelar FFC instruments can be configured to cover NMRD profiles continuously from 10 kHz up to 128 MHz.
This is particularly important for contrast agent studies where clinical field strengths are reached.

Other important applications which can be studied with Stelar FFC instruments are rock cores (up to 1 inch diameter), polymers and in vivo animal studies.

All Applications

Sample testing

Applications of FFC NMR relaxometry are evolving from their pure research origins towards solving more practical industrial problems, in diverse sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals and foods through to polymers and rock cores.

Stelar has a well-equipped applications laboratory which is working with both academia and industry to provide FFC NMR solutions for a variety of known and new applications.

If you would like to use FFC NMR to measure your samples and discover its potential with your application, please contact us.

Send us your samples to discover how Fast Field Cycling NMR relaxometry can provide you with a wealth of dynamics information for your application or simply solve your quality control problem with a go/no go fingerprint solution.

Service & Maintenance

Stelar provides a constant and personalized assistance service, both remotely and on-site, according to the customer's needs. Thanks to their long-standing expertise, highly qualified Stelar engineers carry out maintenance and repair services, functionality tests, installations and working check validation of the instrumentation.