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"Signal Enhancement for Fast Field-cycling Relaxometry by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization: Basic Principles, Hardware and Methods"

NEUDERT, Oliver. Signal Enhancement for Fast Field-cycling Relaxometry by Dynamic
Nuclear Polarization: Basic Principles, Hardware and Methods in Field-cycling NMR Relaxometry: Instrumentation, Model Theories and Applications, 2018, 18: 138

"Fast-field-cycling relaxometry enhanced by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization"

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"An Alderman-Grant resonator for S-band Dynamic Nuclear Polarization"

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"Understanding the Nature of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxation by Means of Fast-Field-Cycling Relaxometry and Molecular Dynamics Simulations—The Validity of Relaxation Models"

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"Nuclear magnetic relaxation and diffusion study of the ionic liquids 1‐ethyl‐and 1‐butyl‐3‐methylimidazolium bis (trifluoromethylsulfonyl) imide confined in porous glass"

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"The gelation influence on diffusion and conductivity enhancement effect in renewable ionic gels based on LMWG"

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Fast Field Cycling NMR relaxometry books and review articles

"Field-cycling NMR Relaxometry: Instrumentation, Model Theories and Applications"

Editor: Rainer Kimmich;
Vol. 18, 2018, Royal Society of Chemistry;
ISBN: 978-1-78801-154-9;

"Self-diffusion studies by intra- and inter-molecular spin-lattice relaxometry using field-cycling: Liquids, plastic crystals, porous media, and polymer segments"

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"New applications and perspectives of fast field cycling NMR relaxometry"

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"Rapid Field-Cycling MRI Using Fast Spin-Echo"

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"NMR Field Cycling Spectroscopy: Principles and Applications"

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"Field Cycling NMR Relaxometry"

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FFC in biological tissues in vivo and ex vivo

"Towards applying NMR relaxometry as a diagnostic tool for bone and soft tissue sarcomas: a pilot study"

E. Masiewicz, G.P. Ashcroft, D. Boddie, S.R. Dundas, D. Kruk, L.M. Broche, Scientific Reports 2020, 10, 14207

"In vivo assessment of tumour associated macrophages in murine melanoma obtained by low-field relaxometry in the presence of iron oxide particles"

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"Exploring the tumour extracellular matrix by in vivo Fast Field Cycling relaxometry after the administration of a Gadolinium‐based MRI contrast agent"

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"Multicomponent analysis of T1 relaxation in bovine articular cartilage at low magnetic fields"

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"Use of FCC-NMRD relaxometry for early detection and characterization of ex-vivo murine breast cancer"

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"Evidence for the Role of Intracellular Water Lifetime as a Tumour Biomarker Obtained by In Vivo Field‐Cycling Relaxometry"

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"Nuclear magnetic relaxation dispersion of murine tissue for development of T1 (R1) dispersion contrast imaging"

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"The effect of cholesterol on membrane dynamics on different timescales in lipd bilayers from fast field/cycling NMR relaxometry studies of unilamellar vesicles"

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"Effects of cholesterol on membrane molecular dynamics studied by fast field cycling NMR relaxometry"

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"Paramagnetic ions affect relaxation rate dispersion of blood: implications for magnetic resonance relaxation dispersion imaging"

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Field Cycling MRI

"A fast field-cycling MRI relaxometer for physical contrasts design and pre-clinical studies on small animals"

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"Design of a fast field-cycling magnetic resonance imaging system, characterization and methods for relaxation dispersion measurements around 1.5T"

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"Comparison of fast field-cycling magnetic resonance imaging methods and future perspectives"

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"A whole-body Fast Field-Cycling scanner for clinical molecular imaging studies"

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"High Field Detection of Biomarkers with Fast Field‐Cycling MRI: The Example of Zinc Sensing"

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"R1 dispersion contrast at high field with fast field-cycling MRI"

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"Rapid Field-Cycling MRI Using Fast Spin-Echo"

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"Comparing different processing methods in apple slice drying. Part 2 solid-state Fast Field Cycling 1H-NMR relaxation properties, shrinkage and changes in volatile compounds"

P. Conte, G. Cuccurullo, A. Metallo, A. Micalizzi, L. Cinquanta, O. Corona, Biosystems Engineering 2019188, 345-354

"Quantification of manganous ion in wine by NMR relaxometry"

P.R. Bodart, A. Rachocki, J. Tritt-goc, B. Michalke, P. Schmitt-Kopplin, T. Karbowiak, R.D. Gougeon
Talanta 2019209, 120561

"Early stages of fat crystallization evaluated by low-field NMR and small-angle X-ray scattering"

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"Fast field cycling NMR relaxometry studies of molten and cooled cocoa butter"

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"The use of fast field cycling to evaluate the time domain relaxation of starches from tropical fruit seeds"

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"Use of NMR relaxometry to identify frankfurters of different meat sources"

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"Cooking influence on physico-chemical fruit characteristics of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.)"

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"Conformational Redistribution of Honey Components following Different Storage Conditions"

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Liquid crystals

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MRI contrast agents / magnetic nanoparticles

"Fast field-cycling magnetic resonance detection of intracellular ultra-small iron oxide particles in vitro: Proof-of-concept"

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"Characterization of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxivity of Gadolinium Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles"

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"Characterisation of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents using NMR relaxometry"

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"Tailoring the magnetic core of organic-coated iron oxides nanoparticles to influence their contrast efficiency for Magnetic Resonance Imaging"

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"A light-responsive liposomal agent for MRI contrast enhancement and monitoring of cargo delivery"

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"Gd-AAZTA-MADEC, an improved blood pool agent for DCE-MRI studies on mice on 1 T scanners"

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