Stelar new series of NMR relaxometry webinar, Wednesday 06th October, 16.00 CET, by Dr. David Faux

06th October 2021


Stelar announce a new NMR RELAXOMETRY THEORY AND APPLICATIONS webinars series.

It will consist of two webinars about FFC Relaxometry and the science of the 3-tau model extended to some classes of porous material by Dr. David Faux, University of Surrey. Here's the abstract and biography.

In the first webinar, which will be held on WEDNESDAY the 6th of October at 4 pm CET the science
underpinning the model is described and explained. Its limitations, strengths and weaknesses are critically appraised.
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The second webinar, scheduled on WEDNESDAY the 13th of October at 4 pm CET will commence with a brief
overview of the two classes of material accessible to the model: systems with or without paramagnetic
ions in the solid. This will be followed by an informal demonstration of
some new software which allows the user to fit the model to experimental data. The
interface will be described followed by some demonstration fits. Ample
time throughout will be set aside for questions and queries. Plans for
supporting the user community going forward will be discussed.
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