The SMARtracer™ FFC relaxometer provides the perfect compact, bench-top solution to measuring the field dependence of the NMR longitudinal spin-lattice relaxation time, T1. The transverse spin-spin relaxation time, T2, may also be measured.

  • The measure of T2 can be performed using a classical CPMG sequence at the acquisition field.
  • The acquisition field and spectrometer frequency can be set continuously to different values according to the nucleus observed and frequency/field ranges
  • The full dependence of T2 on the full range of magnetic field strengths can be studied using special FFC Spin Echo sequences, with some limitations for short T2.

Acquisition of NMRD profiles is fully automated with Stelar’s new powerful software, with measurement of relaxation times from a fraction of a millisecond to several seconds. The software has a large library of standard sequences and also gives the user freedom to program other complex sequences and field profiles.

The SMARtracer™ system can satisfy diverse needs and applications by configuring according to magnet size / frequency range, sample volume and multi-nuclear capability. A range of additional accessories is available for the basic system which increases the measurement capabilities.

SMARtracer™ 0.25 Tesla Narrow Bore

The 0.25 Tesla narrow bore system allows measurement of NMRD profiles from 10 kHz to 10 MHz (1H Larmor frequency) on 10 mm diameter samples. 19F can be measured by addition of the fluorine probe to the basic system.


System features

SMARtracer™ 0.2 Tesla Wide Bore

The 0.2 Tesla wide bore system is perfect for the researcher requiring a compact bench-top FFC instrument to measure large volume samples such as rock cores. This system allows measurement of 1H NMRD profiles from 10 kHz to 10 MHz on large volume samples, up to 26mm diameter (1 inch).

System features:

Measures solids, liquids, colloids, complex mixtures. Specially designed for rock cores and even small animals for “in-vivo" FFC NMR.