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Our customers, partners and distributos can be found in all corners of the world. Many will be happy to discuss potential applications for FFC NMR, collaborate with you, or provide information on this unique technology.

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Alegre Science

Martinsville, IN 46151 United States of America
TEL: +1-619-550-2910 US/Can TEL: +52-55-8421-7585 Mex WEB: E-MAIL:

Tennessine Instrumentação Analítica

Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brasil
Mobile: + 55 21 982 057 925 Phone: + 55 21 3851-5674 WEB: E-MAIL:

ConeTech, Ltd.

Prospekt Vernadskogo 29 b.1, Russia
TEL: +7 499350-20-60 WEB: E-MAIL:

Cryogen Instruments India Pvt. Ltd.

21, Shreeji Arcade, Almeida Road, Panchpakhadi, Thane (W) 400602, India
TEL: +91 9324565064 TEL: +91 22 2530 38 75/76 WEB: E-MAIL:

Kruthwong & Sprenger Pte. Ltd.

SALES AREA: Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Philippines
101 Upper Cross Street, #04-05 People’s Park Centre, Singapore, 058357
TEL: +65-3158-8791 WEB: E-MAIL:

Suzhou Niumag Analytical Instrument Corporation

Building 3, No.98 Qinghua Road, Xuguan Industrial Park, Gaoxin District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China
TEL: +86 21-52650391 Mobile: +86 18516712251 Fax: +86 021-52650391 WEB: E-MAIL:

BK Instruments Inc.

4F, BKI Bldg., 281-25, Munji-Ro, Yuseong-Gu, Daejeon, 34050, South Korea
TEL: +82-(0) 42 487 8240 FAX: +82-(0) 42 488 8241 WEB: E-MAIL:

Stelar's FFC NMR users map


“I have used the FFC nuclear magnetic relaxation dispersion (NMRD) extensively for probing the wettability of petroleum fluids embedded in carbonate rock cores and shale rocks. These works have proven [...] a valuable tool for investigating in situ the molecular dynamics of petroleum fluids.”

- Prof. Jean-Pierre Korb

PMC, Ecole Polytechnique-CNRS

Palaiseau, France

“Stelar has served us well over the past 15 years by providing reliable field-cycling instruments that have opened up a wide range of new research possibilities.”

- Prof. Bertil Halle

University of Lund, Sweden

"My group is fairly new to the FFCNMR game, but the learning curve has been made a lot gentler by the excellent technical support we’ve received from Stelar."

- Prof. Steve Greenbaum

Department of Physics & Astronomy Hunter College

of the City University of New York , USA

“Fast field cycling NMR relaxometry performed either by Spinmaster or Smartracer revealed its powerfulness in agro-food and environmental chemistry."

– Prof. Pellegrino Conte

University of Palermo, Italy

“Only after we had purchased a STELAR Spinmaster as our first commercial instrument of this sort, we reached the performance and the ease of use our students needed for demanding applications including polymers, porous media, and liquid crystals."

- Prof. Rainer Kimmich

University of Ulm, Germany

“Magnetic Relaxation Dispersion (MRD) provides a powerful means to explore molecular dynamics directly from the time range from picoseconds to milliseconds [...] MRD opens the window to slow dynamics often difficult to study by other spectroscopic methods in heterogeneous materials.”

- Prof. Robert G. Bryant

University of Virginia, US

"The Stelar SMARtracer FFC Relaxometer has allowed us to measure the relaxivity and NMRD profiles of many new paramagnetic species and has led to the publication of our work in higher impact journals."

- Dr James Wilton-Ely

Imperial College, London, UK