3TM standalone free software has been released.

23 December 2021


A very User friendly tool for NMRD data fitting, offering the possibility to apply 3t model.

We are glad to announce that thanks to Dr. David Faux work, a new software developed for #FastFieldCycling is now available. The model, referred to as the 3-tau Model (3TM), interprets relaxation rate dispersion data from fast field-cycling nuclear-magnetic-resonance (FFC-NMR) experiments on systems dominated by solid-fluid interfaces. Faux and collaborators have developed, tested and validated 3TM on a wide range of materials over 10 years.

To download 3TM standalone free software write an email to info@stelar.it

For any clarifications and information, Dr. David Faux and Stelar team will be glad to support you. d.faux@surrey.ac.uk

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