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Press release_3TM software for NMRD data fitting with the 3-Tau Model

Press release here 3TM software for NMRD data fitting with the 3-Tau Model

The 3TM is a standalone software based on the 3-Tau model, suitable for fitting the NMRD profiles of a wide variety of porous media. It has been developed in the Matlab ® App DesignerTM environment.

The 3TM sw is user-friendly and equipped with a practical interface that allows the user to plot and fit the NMR dispersion profiles obtained from Fast Field Cycling experiments.
[1] Kogon, R., & Faux, D. (2022). 3TM: Software for the 3-Tau Model. SoftwareX, 17, 100979.

The model, referred to as the 3-tau Model (3TM), interprets relaxation rate dispersion data from fast field-cycling nuclear-magnetic-resonance (FFC-NMR) experiments on systems dominated by solid-fluid interfaces. Faux and collaborators have developed, tested and validated 3TM on a wide range of materials over 10 years.

Furthermore, for any information and clarification Dr. David Faux will be glad to support you providing scientific guidance, advice, trialling, interpretation and troubleshooting for all 3TM model variants, bespoke adaptations on an individual need basis, bug fixes and “quality of life” software improvements.

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